Salmon Release and Salmon Walk April 26th

We will be releasing our current batch of 16,500 chum salmon fry about 8pm on Friday, April 26th. Everyone is welcome. So come on down and help us send our salmon fry on their way to the Sound. If you come a bit early, you can feed the salmon fry and maybe even make a salmon hat. We will be opening the pond about 6:30pm.

Before the release, we will be having a salmon walk from 6:30-7:30pm where you can learn about CWCAP programs, the salmon life cycle, watershed processes, and how humans impact watersheds and water quality. You might even learn a little about beavers. The walk is limited to 25 people, so please register here: Carkeek Salmon Walk, Friday, April 26th (


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    1. Hello Kay,

      There is parking at the bottom of the hill as you enter the park, although that parking fills up pretty quickly. So if you are arriving after 6-6:30pm, you might want to park up by the ELC on the right, just after you enter the park. If you walk through the gardens, you will come to a trail that goes down the hill to the road that leads to the imprint pond. The other options are to drive a bit further into the park and park along the road above the lower field and walk back down to the imprint pond. The fourth option is to drive all the way around the park road and park along the lower meadow.

      Here is a link to the trails map.
      The imprint pond is at the north end of the Salmon to Sound trail, right at the confluence of Venema and Mohlendorph Creeks. We will have a sign along Carkeek Park Road point up the trail to the imprint pond.

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