Local communities also grow and influence change and benefit.  Businesses find their way to smart income while making a difference in their community.

Lets’s take a look at a local business:

Land Ethics LLC 

Land Ethics, LLC. is a landscaping company in Seattle, Washington, aimed at working with nature and the natural features of your property. Our motto is “landscaping with nature” and we mean it, our company was founded by Matthew Kuhar, a Certified Master Pruner, naturalist, artist and professional landscaper who practices land ethics to landscape with nature in mind, and to maintain health of natural ecosystems by restoring and creating complex environments.

The use of hand tools reduces noise pollution and exhaust fumes alike, and we only use organic products for safe stream runoff for both aquatic and human health.

Lets’s take a look at a local advocate:

Our Broadview Neighborhood

See something interesting in the neighborhood that is worth sharing?  Let us know.  If you are sending us information we might want to quote, or a photo to use, please let us know whether to credit you by your full name, first name, initials, or not at all.

Let’s take a look at a local treasure:

Dunn Gardens

In 1914, Arthur Dunn purchased 10 acres of undeveloped rural land in what is now the Broadview neighborhood of Seattle. The gently sloping property was extensively wooded, had ample open space for garden development, and commanded sweeping views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains to the west. In May 1915, Arthur Dunn approached the Olmsted Brothers, the renowned landscape design firm of Brookline, Massachusetts, to locate a cottage and prepare a landscape plan for what would become the Dunn family’s summer “country place.”