Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project


If you are interested in volunteering, have questions, or would like to donate:

CWCAP is a volunteer organization making positive differences in Carkeek Park, Pipers Creek Watershed and your community.  CWCAP needs your passion, knowledge, and valuable time to advance education, engage agency custodians, and bring new generations to a safe and healthy enjoyment of our natural resources.  CWCAP can help transform your valuable time and energy into focused outcomes that support Carkeek Park, the local watershed, and your community.

Volunteer for positive action, to enhance your child’s outdoor education, or to simply spend time in a beautiful park while helping the community you live in.  Volunteer to educate, to learn, and to have meaningful conversations.

Many volunteer opportunities are part of yearly activities in extensive salmon programs, water quality monitoring, and education.  Other opportunities occur over the course of the year as needed.

Here are just a few areas in which you can bring your energy and imagination:

Salmon Imprint Stewardship
→ salmon feeding and care
→ daily logbook entries
→ light maintenance
→ park visitor interactions, conversations, and follow up

→ community, public & private school education & outreach
→ presentation preparation and delivery

→ local and state political/legislative advocacy
→ agency coordination, non-profit 501(c)(3) advocacy
→ grant writing, promotion, media relations, communication

→ web design, development, social media
→ process development, improvement, and documentation
→ volunteer coordination, community outreach, communication
→ urban history, research, archiving

Citizen Science
→ salmon rearing, biology, field work and data collection
→ macro-invertebrate identification, bio-indicators, stream sampling
→ habitat, creek, forest restoration
→ water quality monitoring