Learn.  Educate.  Act.
Salmon in School students deliver their fish to the Imprint Pond; April 7, 2016

The Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP) uses education in action to promote clean water for the health and safety of salmon, watershed, community, and Puget Sound.

CWCAP (501c3 non-profit status established in 1984) was founded in 1979 as a logical response to the 1972 Clean Water Act.  Local community members lead by Nancy Malmgren mounted a challenge to action to the prevailing parks, city, and state agencies at the time.  With community and government action water quality has been improved, progress has been made restoring Piper’s Creek Watershed and its forest/stream ecosystem and salmon return every year to spawn in Carkeek Park.

The cooperative effort to restoring salmon runs to Carkeek Park has led to countless learning moments and educational outcomes bringing about generations who protect and advance the health of the watershed.


  • To educate the public of the Carkeek Watershed Area to the “best” management practices (ie: urban gardening, toxin/chemical disposal, storm water routing) in order to enhance the water quality and fishery of Piper’s Creek, its tributaries and receiving waters.
  • To monitor the water quality of Piper’s Creek, its tributaries and receiving waters in cooperation with regional partners.
  • To foster partnerships with governmental, Tribal and non-governmental groups, and other watershed groups to support and initiate programs which enhance and promote water quality in Piper’s Creek, its tributaries and receiving water.
  • Operate a salmon program in Carkeek Park as a tool to educate the public on salmon, water quality and watershed issues in order to develop increased salmon stewardship.

Join us as we learn together, seek realistic outcomes, and teach each other. Help reveal how simple it can be to change everyday behaviors in ways that promote and protect wild natural places like Carkeek Park.

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