CWCAP is an Earthkeeper

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Every summer, Seattle Parks and the Associated Recreation Council (ARC) host summer camp at Carkeek Park fittingly named Carkeek Earthkeepers Day Camp.  CWCAP is tapped in to provide local salmon, forest, watershed, and water quality education.  This Summer 2018 (among much else going on in this exciting day camp!), CWCAP will help summer kids:

Explore the the relationships between fauna and flora with tree/shrub identification; forest structure; canopy layers; wildlife niches within forest layers; sit spots and observations; bird and mammal ID; riparian forest edge and relationship between water health and salmon; clues to tracking animals and scat; role of trees as keystone species in ecosystems.  Matthew Kuhar, a long time CWCAP member, brings his specific and long view to the wild urban life among us.

Examine and discuss the incredibly diverse, tide-dependent life at our seashore.  Puget Sound churns with high tides and low tides where this intertidal zone provides a dynamic opportunity for life and incredible adaptations.  Eric Running, a long time CWCAP member, knows a thing or two about life in the intertidal zones of our beaches and might even convince you to visit the Seattle Aquarium!

Look close and personal at the systems that salmon use to move, breath, eat, and reproduce.  Summer campers will open up real adult salmon made available for education and discuss how systems and organs work and how they compare to other animals among us.

Test and discuss the results of water quality indicators.  Many insects spend their formative years in our creeks.  Which insects live where and how many tell us very much about water quality.  Chemical and visual tests are crucial.  CWCAP will give kids the tools to question and get answers about the water that is among us.

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Salmon Imprint Stewards enjoy an afternoon at Dunn Gardens

Dunn Gardens is a dreamland of landscaping achievements, plantings, and history.  And this year, CWCAP’s Salmon Imprint Stewards had this fabulous oasis to roam during our annual Appreciation Party on Saturday, June 2, 2018!

The discussion of business of the Salmon Imprinting Season was brief and the rest of the time was devoted to basking in the sunshine, gifting of gab, and enjoying Elizabeth’s telling of the history of Dunn Gardens’ more than 100 year history.  Elizabeth Conlin is a trained docent at Dunn Garden’s and not only knows her historical facts, but also has knowledge of the many thousands of plants and landscaping features around the garden grounds.

CWCAP heartily thanks Dunn Gardens and Carolyn Cox for a wonderful afternoon enjoying the events facility, magical surroundings, and delightful historical context in the Broadview neighborhood.  Please visit their inspiring website at for a surprising look at this Broadview treasure.

CWCAP also thanks Starbucks in Shoreline and Pagliacci in North City for their generous contributions to CWCAP’s Salmon Imprint Steward Appreciation Party.