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Based on public survey data compiled by Amanda Lee, Seattle Parks & Recreation, using WordItOut.Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP) has been working to bring clean water and salmon habitat restoration to the Piper’s Creek Watershed since 1979.  Let’s take a look at the specific activities that make it possible for salmon to return to Carkeek Park every year.


History of Salmon in Piper’s Creek Watershed → Read about it…

Salmon Egg Development and Self-Release Read about it…

  • Egg delivery from Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery
    • Carkeek Park delivery → Early January
    • Salmon in the Schools (SIS) delivery → Early January
  • 20-30,000 eggs are introduced into the egg-incubator/self-release tanks
  • Egg development to fry stage
  • Fry self-release via outflow pipe into Venema Creek

Salmon Fry Rearing Read about it…

  • Fry delivery from Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery
    • 1st batch delivery → Late January to early February
    • 2nd batch delivery → Early-mid March
    • 3rd batch delivery → March 28 – April 8
      20-30  SIS schools will move their fish from chilled aquariums to the Imprint Pond over a 2 week period where they are imprinted and fed by CWCAP volunteers
  • Salmon Imprint Stewards imprint and feed salmon fry
  • Fry feeding and imprinting occur over a 3-8 week period
  • Many people visit the Imprint Pond to feed the salmon fry, learn about the salmon life cycle, and share stories

Salmon Fry Release (check and for updates) → Read about it…

  • 1st batch release → Early March, typically,  as it is getting dark
  • 2nd batch release → Late March to early April, typically, as it is getting dark
  • 3rd batch release (SIS school fish)→ Third week in April, typically, during Carkeek Park’s Earth Day Celebration as it is getting dark

Salmon Spawning Return Read about it…

  • Late October-early December, typically
    • Many activities are planned and implemented during this exciting time
    • World Water Monitoring Challenge (Clean Water Act celebration)
    • Salmon Spawning Survey on Saturdays
    • Salmon Stewards on Saturday and Sundays
    • Carkeek Park Salmon Stewards —Salmon Celebration
    • Salmon in the Schools Salmon Search field trips throughout the salmon run

Future of Salmon in Piper’s Creek Watershed  Coming Soon

  • Education. Action.
  • Storm water and water quality management
  • Programming cooperation among community and agency stakeholders
  • Communication

Imprint System → Coming Soon

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  1. Jim Collins

    Hello. My wife and I and our 14-year-old son are looking for opportunities to do some volunteering, and we were wondering if we could be useful at all in the habitat/salmon work at Piper’s Creek. We are interested in protecting/restoring the environment in general and in salmon in particular. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend the Salmon Steward training on 10/22. We’re looking to spend 2-4 hours per weekend… Could we be any use to you?
    Jim Collins

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