11-14-2023 Salmon Survey Update

We’re approaching what is usually the peak time of the Carkeek Park salmon run. A large number of Chum salmon are currently spawning in Piper’s Creek. Check the interactive map for the best place to spot them.

It’s been a solid salmon return so far this year. It doesn’t appear that we’ll reach the abnormally high numbers we saw the past two years but we’ve already exceeded 2019 and 2020 with several weeks left to go. The Coho return may already be over as no live Coho have been spotted in a week and none of the 50+ carcasses today were Coho.

Yearly Chum Total Chum Calc Date Yearly Coho Total Coho Calc Date
235 2023-11-14 27 2023-11-11

Locations are approximate and based on where the data recorder is standing. Not all entries will have location set

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