The 2023 Salmon Run Begins

Two live Coho salmon were spotted on Tuesday 10/17/23 marking the beginning of the 2023 Carkeek Park salmon run. It will likely be several more weeks before salmon are easily visible from the observation points.

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    1. Hello Ben,

      That is a good question. In a natural system, my first response would be, “Beaver and salmon have coexisted for years and the salmon will be able to figure out a way through, over or around the dam.” In our system, the high percentage of the watershed covered in impervious surfaces means we have very low flow except when it is raining. That means there will only be high enough flow for the fish to get past the dam when it is raining hard. Even then, we are not sure they will be able to get past because the water is still shallow on the downstream side of the dam where it is lowest. The salmon need water to propel themselves and we just are not seeing it in this situation. That said, we are waiting to see what happens with the rains forecast for the next couple of days.

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