If you are interested in volunteering, have questions, or would like to donate:
email volunteers@CarkeekWatershed.org

CWCAP is a volunteer organization making positive differences in Carkeek Park, Pipers Creek Watershed and your community.  CWCAP needs your passion, knowledge, and valuable time to advance education, engage park visitors, and bring new generations to a safe and healthy enjoyment of our natural resources.

Volunteer for positive action, to enhance your child’s outdoor education, or to simply spend time in a beautiful park while helping the community you live in.  Volunteer to educate, to learn, and to have meaningful conversations.

Many volunteer opportunities are part of yearly activities in extensive salmon programs, water quality monitoring, and education.

Here are just a few areas in which you can bring your energy and imagination:

Imprint Pond Steward
  • Salmon feeding and care
  • Imprint pond maintenance
  • Park visitor interactions, conversations, and follow up
  • Late January thru early May
Salmon Surveyor
  • Salmon spotting
  • Carcass processing
  • Data entry
  • Park visitor interactions
  • Late October to early December
Water Quality Tester
  • Sampling water in Carkeek
  • Determining bacteria levels, alkalinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH
  • Monthly, year round
Salmon in the Schools Support
  • Assisting local schools with the salmon in their classroom
  • Troubleshooting tank and salmon issues
  • November thru April
CWCAP Nature Guide
  • Leading park walks
  • Giving educational presentations to park visitors
  • Year round as needed
Carkeek Salmon Steward
  • Welcoming and engaging with park visitors during the salmon run
  • Late October thru early December
  • In partnership with Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Parks
Special Projects Volunteer
  • Web design, social media
  • Process improvement
  • Volunteer coordination, community outreach
  • Urban history, research, archiving
  • Data entry
  • Year round as needed
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