Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project


CWCAP appreciates local businesses who have supported us throughout the years.

Lets’s take a look at some of them:

Land Ethics LLC 

Land Ethics, LLC. is a landscaping company in Seattle, Washington, aimed at working with nature and the natural features of your property. Our motto is “landscaping with nature” and we mean it. Our company was founded by Matthew Kuhar, a Certified Master Pruner, naturalist, artist and professional landscaper who practices land ethics to landscape with nature in mind. Our focus is to maintain health of natural ecosystems by restoring and creating complex environments.

We use hand tools to reduce noise pollution and exhaust fumes and we only use organic products for safe stream runoff for both aquatic and human health.



Dunn Gardens

The esteemed Olmsted Brothers Landscape firm designed the Dunn Gardens in 1915. One hundred years later the vision of the Gardens as a place of timeless grace has been realized. Notable features include naturalistic groupings of trees, broad lawns with borders of shrubs, and woodland walks. Plants range from diminutive erythroniums to large rhododendrons and towering Douglas firs.

A beautiful and historic space that can be toured or reserved for events.


Anna Moore Design

Anna Moore is an artist from the Pacific Northwest who specializes in graphic design and illustration. Her exploratory upbringing infuses her designs with a love of the outdoors and the environment. Anna has volunteered her talents to aid various non-profit environmental groups around the northwest including CWCAP.