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Tiny Trees preschool observes, discusses, and feeds salmon fry at the Carkeek Imprint Pond; May 10, 2017

CWCAP became a 501(c)(3) entity in February 1984. The list of accomplishments is a tale of education, action, and a deep commitment to vision, responsibility, and cooperation. Thank you for your support in your community, this watershed, Carkeek Park, and Salmon Programs over these many years. Together we’ve demonstrated how far we can go towards a sustainable, healthy, and safe future in Piper’s Creek Watershed. Each donation will help us reach community, students, and local and state agencies who may not otherwise have an opportunity to develop awareness, appreciation, and stewardship values. You can help support our programs and your community!

Some current and recent activities that benefit from your support:

  • Educational opportunities for local public, private, and home school groups
  • Field trips to Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery (Suquamish Tribe)
  • Annual salmon fry imprinting, feeding, and releases
  • Annual salmon spawning surveys and reporting
  • Water quality monitoring and outdoor education classes
  • Storm water and Surface runoff community outreach
  • Backyard wildlife, pollution reduction, and permeable landscaping community outreach
  • Summer Outdoor Classrooms (e.g., EarthKeepers Day Camp and SEalaska Day Camp)
  • South Seattle and Shoreline Colleges classroom fields trips
  • Annual World Water Monitoring Challenge events
  • Annual Carkeek Park Earth Day, Salmon Steward, and Salmon Celebration support
  • Salmon in the Schools (SIS) Salmon Search (fall) and Salmon Release (spring) programs support
  • Website support for Salmon in the School (
  • State of Puget Sound Conference sponsorship
  • 20th Anniversary Dedication of the Carkeek Play Area Renovation (Fall 2017)

Upcoming Projects needing your support:

  • Study to determine natural spawning returns from salmon release returns
  • Establishment of water quality monitoring stations on Venema and Piper’s Creek
  • Imprint System maintenance & upgrades
  • Resident cutthroat Trout Survey to determine population and habitat improvements
  • Expanded education engagement including middle & high school, 2-year colleges, and universities
  • Habitat planning and improvement — looks good now, but there will always be maintenance and planning
  • Watershed’s Among Us partnerships — partner with the region’s other watersheds to build healthy outcomes
  • Develop a robust membership of community and other local leaders to steer us ahead
Nancy Malmgren, 1929-2016 Founder, Director
Bill Hagen
Bill Hagen, 1937-2016 Salmon Programs

Nancy Malmgren passed along decades of community development wrapped around the Clean Water Act of 1972.  Adding to her prodigious contributions to every partnership available is what she would want to continue.  Decades-long work and attention to long-lasting outcomes is her legacy.

Thank Nancy very much…

Please include contact information such as email, address, or phone, so that we may thank you for your support.

Thank you for you support!

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