Weather people go out to see what’s there…

Tiny Trees pre-schooler students visited the CWCAP salmon imprinting facility at Carkeek Park. They learned about and helped feed 32,500 salmon fry; photo from March 14, 2017

Every spring the Suquamish Tribe generously gives to and honors this region by providing 90-100,000 Chum salmon to the Carkeek community so that we can pursue a kind of stewardship that would not be possible without their heritage, rights, and agency.  Thank you!

Here we have Tiny Trees pres-school kids so involved in learning to understand their role in the world and in a region of wild salmon.

There are several hopeful things happening here: kids are absorbing everything, salmon and kids are meeting each other, and new ways to be involved are shaping this new generation of personalities..

The kids I met with were happily mannered and articulate.  I had that experience before with a group of TTs, but having these little post-larval humans inside the salmon imprinting facility for a while impressed on me the good work that is happening with Tiny Trees.

—Rick Henry, CWCAP

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