Joins us for our 2nd salmon release Sat, March 25, 6:45 PM !

Join us as we release 32,500 salmon fry into Venema Creek!

Drive down the hill into Carkeek Park and look for this sign to the Imprint Pond.

We are about to release 32,500 Chum salmon fry into Venema Creek this Saturday, March 25, 2017!

This is our 2nd release of the year, which will be followed by 1 more release in mid-May.

Plan to be at the Carkeek Park Imprint Pond no later than 6:45 PM this Saturday.  Though it won’t be dark yet, flashlights will be helpful as you watch the fish make their way downstream after their release.  We’re talking about 32,500 salmon fry, so every small pool in the creek will have hundreds of juvenile fish venturing downstream. Rubber or hiking shoes are recommended along the wet banks near the release sight.  Oh yeah — kids, don’t forget to bring your parents, friends, and teachers!

The fish that this community releases this Saturday will be among the hundreds that return to spawn in 3-5 years at Carkeek Park.

Thank you Suquamish Tribe and the staff at Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery for our fish stock, your expertise, and support!

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