Tiny Trees in an outdoor salmon classroom

Tiny Trees preschool group observes, discusses, and feeds salmon fry at the Carkeek Imprint Pond; May 10, 2017

Tiny Trees (website|facebook) outdoor preschool at Carkeek Park explores healthy, ecologically rich classrooms every weekday.  The outdoor CWCAP Salmon Classroom is a frequent venue while salmon are imprinted from late January to mid May each Spring.

CWCAP Imprint Stewards provide both impromptu opportunities and scheduled programs to kids in Tiny Trees preschool as well as many public, private, and home school groups.

Each Spring, Imprint Stewards care for 80-100,000 Chum salmon while they imprint to the mineral and chemical smell of the Piper’s Creek Watershed during their early developmental stages.  This gives the plucky adults the instinct to return to their home waters to spawn in 3 to 5 years.

Groups like Tiny Trees grab the opportunity to grow the interests and knowledge in their kids at this early age.  Learning environmental and salmon stewardship can lead to a lifetime of curiosity and enduring care for their community and the planet.

Here are some great shots of Tiny Trees kids enjoying the CWCAP Salmon Classroom (Les Malmgren Imprint Pond).
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