Salmon in Carkeek!

The salmon run is just getting started at Carkeek Park! Small groups of salmon have been visible at the view points along Piper’s Creek. Be sure to get down there to check them out! Check the map below for the best viewing locations.

A deceased Coho salmon found during the 11/1 survey

Survey Totals

Note: Total live salmon includes Sea-Run Cutthroat and Unknowns – entries where surveyors were unable to determine the species. Remnants are included in dead counts.
Survey Date Total Live Salmon Total Dead Salmon Live Chum Dead Chum Live Coho Dead Coho Live Cutthroat Dead Cutthroat Redds
2022-10-26 3 9 2 0 1 9 0 0 1
2022-11-01 53 14 48 6 0 8 0 0 7

Yearly Totals

Note: Yearly total is the survey date where (day’s live + dead up to date) is max
Salmon Chum Coho Based on survey
76 54 17 2022-11-01

A huge thank you to all salmon survey volunteers for gathering this data!

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  1. ELC in the Creek

    Spencer, you are the Bee’s Knees (for you young’un “smolt” that means a really good, much liked person). An all ’round Superman for all you do to bring these data points and details to all who are enchanted and engaged with Nearby Nature, and the Habitat We Effect.

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