39,000 new salmon at Carkeek Park and more school fish arriving in April

Spring is busy in nature and CWCAP is naturally busy every Spring with salmon coming and going.

30,000 fry were released as a batch on March 24, 2019 while another 30,000 salmon self-released themselves into Venema Creek. That’s about 60,000 Chum salmon fry already released into Venema Creek in 2019 — so far!

Another 39,000 very small salmon fry are right now just learning to feed. The Suquamish Tribe’s Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery delivered them on March 26 — thank you! In May, they will also be released into Venema Creek. Until mid-May, the entire community is welcome to feed and participate in the imprinting of these salmon.

Beginning on March 29, schools in the Salmon in the Schools program will deliver their salmon fry to CWCAP‘s Imprinting System for care and feeding through May, 2019. With 25 schools in this program, it will take until April 19, 2019 for all of these schools to deliver their fish.

First batch of salmon are released at Carkeek Park!

First of the season release of 30,000 Chum salmon fry into Venema Creek, March 24, 2019. Each of the well-wishers in this photo are equipped with plastic cards to help flip salmon fry back into the main channel after possibly flopping too close to the banks.

CWCAP and 25 enthusiastic volunteers, visitors and families released a batch of about 30,000 Chum salmon fry into Venema Creek at Carkeek Park on Sunday, March 24. This was the first batch of fish to be released at the park in 2019.

Since March 16, thousands of salmon have also been slowly self-releasing from CWCAP‘s Egg Incubator/Self-release tank. Those fish will been completely gone by March 29.

Beginning on Friday, March 29, small salmon fry will start arriving at the Imprint Pond from schools in the Salmon in the Schools program. Between March 29 and April 19, 25 schools will bring their fish to be cared for and imprinted by CWCAP‘s Salmon Imprint Stewards until their final release in May.

Please stop by Carkeek Park and look for the Help Feed Salmon sign indicating that CWCAP stewards are feeding salmon. Imprint Steward volunteers are at the park 3 times a day for a short period in the morning, mid-day, and early evening. Times vary, so look for the Help Feed Salmon sign.