A million dollar morning with Viewlands Elementary School

This group of riveted youngsters is not from this spring’s Viewlands field trip (last summer), but you get the idea!

Friday, February 17, 2017 was our first class of the imprinting season with 44 2nd & 4th graders from Viewlands Elementary School.

We had 3 stations with 13 minute rotations:

  • Station #1:  Salmon Rearing, Imprinting, & Feeding (Christel Peterson & Jake the rather friendly and handsome canine friend)
  • Station #2:  Watershed Ecosystem Simulations & Demonstrations (David Koon)
  • Station #3:  Water Quality Testing: is this water good for salmon? (Priya Pugh & Rick Henry)

Knowledge, observations, queries, and fundamentals abounded. Even the weather seemed to smile.

There are a lot of sources for success like this, including the tireless work from Les Malmgren, Dale Calkin, and Bill Hagen – to the support from SPU’s Beth Miller and Bill Malatinsky, to the super secret special SIS squad that includes Nancie Hernandez, Judy Pickens and Phil Sweetland.

There are more.  Like Nancy Malmgren and others.  It’s a community, after all…

Help feed 35,000 salmon at Carkeek Park!

Watch for "Feeding Salmon Fry" sign.

JOIN US! Look for the Feeding Salmon Fry sign across from the parking lot at the first crosswalk, 3 times a day, every day, February through April.

On Monday, January 30th, the Suquamish Tribe’s Fisheries truck brought 35,000 Chum salmon fry to the Imprint Pond at Carkeek Park.  Fish are being fed 3 times a day, 7 days a week.  While the fish are here, they eventually become imprinted with the mineral and chemical smell/memory of the park’s Piper’s Creek Watershed.  This process insures that they have the best chance of returning to their new home waters in 3-5 years as spawning adults.

This batch of fish is just the 1st of 3 batches that will be delivered and then eventually released into Venema Creek by CWCAP Salmon Imprint Stewards.  So beginning now, look for the Feeding Salmon Fry sign across from the 1st lower parking lot as you come down into the park (see photo).

  • CWCAP volunteers feed and imprint 70-100,000 salmon fry every Spring for eventual release into Venema Creek.
  • Eggs and fry are provided each year by the Suquamish Tribe’s Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery. Thank you!
  • These are the fish that will return to these home waters in 3-5 years to spawn in the fall. Think about that!
  • CWCAP Salmon Programs and Carkeek Park Advisory Council help build Outdoor Classrooms across Carkeek Park.
  • Salmon Imprint Stewards can show you how to feed the fish, discuss operations, salmon life cycle, watershed improvement, and community stewardship. Learn, teach, participate, volunteer; let’s hear from you!