Photos — Mohlendorph

The Project Area below shows a circled area labeled Outfall replacement (a storm water pipe that extends down into the ravine). Several of the photos below were taken near this circled area.  The fenced property in the photos is located near where the Install Stormwater Pipe label is pointing at the top of this ravine.  Other photos were taken downstream about 450 feet where Mohlendorph Creek meets Venema Creek.


Venema 1-26-16 Mohlendorph on left, Venema on Right, 1-21-16 Weir on Mohlendorph, 1-26-16

2016-08-04 09.42.52 2016-08-04 09.44.54 2016-08-04 09.38.59 2016-08-04 09.41.02 2016-08-04 09.45.58 2016-08-04 09.45.21 Mohlendorph_back-of-property-facing_9thNW_8-4-16Mohlendorph and Venema Convergence_1-26-16mohlendorph-venema_convergence

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