Imprint Steward Procedures

The following procedures are used by Imprint Stewards 3 times a day, 7 days a week while the fish are in the Imprint Pond.

  • Set up the “Feeding Salmon Fry” sign at the trail head.
  • Unlock the Imprint Pond gate using the combination lock.
  • Clip on your Name Badge found in large plastic container.
  • Set up the “OPEN Salmon Fry” sign on the fence to the right of the gate.
  • Look around the site to see that everything appears to be in order.
  • Morning crew opens the lids on the Imprint Pond. Leaves them open for the day.
  • Set up the kiosk/desk. Retrieve the Daily Logbook from the large plastic container.
  • Record the Date and Time IN.
  • Record the AIR Temp using the thermometer attached to the kiosk.
  • Record the H2O Temp using the thermometer in the Imprint Pond.
  • Note the Daily Feeding Amount located on a card at the front of the Logbook.
  • Feed the Daily Feeding Amount using the food from the large plastic container.
  • Sprinkle the food gently across the surface of the near-side of the Imprint Pond.
  • Let the current take the food around until is disappears before adding more.
  • Record the amount you feed — it may be more or less than the Daily Amount.
  • Visually inspect water flow and check if ok or not. Don’t record pH or dO2 unless requested by a Project Leader.
  • Brush off the debris on the side-screens of the out-flow stand pipe white bucket.
  • Using a net, retrieve, count, and record dead fish (Morts) in the Daily Logbook. NOTE: Avoid catching live fish! Check the net before removing it from the water and release any live fish. Dispose of the Morts in the creek.
  • Record the number of all Visitors of all ages in the Daily Logbook.
  • Record any Remarks you think may be pertinent.
  • Record Time OUT and Initials; return the Daily Logbook to the plastic container.
  • Return your Name Badge to the large plastic container.
  • Close the tank lids after evening feeding. NOT after morning/mid-day feedings.
  • Close all containers completely before leaving. Double-check that the Food container is tightly closed.  There be critters!
  • Don’t clean out the sedimentation tanks unless requested by a Project Leader.
  • Stow the “OPEN Salmon Fry” sign, black side facing out.
  • Lock the Imprint Pond gate when you leave – scramble the combination numbers.
  • Stow the “Feeding Salmon Fry” sign at the trail head before you leave.

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