Education in an outdoor classroom…

Bill M; Salmon in Schools; Imprint Pond Amphitheater
Bill Malatinsky (SPU) leading a Salmon in the Schools session at the Imprint Pond Amphitheater.

Park visitors sometimes refer to Carkeek Park as an amazing urban oasis and go there seeking nature, recreation, and relaxation.  Many refer to the park as a grand outdoor classroom and go to explore, learn, and teach.  Individuals, family and friends groups, public & private & home schools, community colleges, businesses, and senior groups are just some in the community who have found so much at Carkeek Park.

CWCAP volunteers and numerous partners bring access to interpretive, demonstration, and educational opportunities at Carkeek Park.  Whether you are looking for a conversation, individualized tours, student projects, or thinking about educational planning for your classroom — CWCAP would like to help.

Below are some of the topical areas that are either current activities or potential areas/modules in which you could possibly join as an educational opportunity or as a volunteer:

  • Salmon feeding!  Every Spring continuously from late January through May
  • Imprint Pond System, hatchery, rearing, and release of salmon fry – Spring
  • Fall salmon returns, life cycle, spawning survey, and natural history – Fall
  • Wetlands, estuary, creek system and habitat
  • Watershed, stormwater/surface water modeling, and community involvement
  • History of salmon in Carkeek Park, current status, and future
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Macro-invertebrate sampling and identification as bio-indicators of water quality
  • CWCAP Salmon Programs
  • Salmon in the Schools
  • Salmon Search – Fall (SPU, SIS, SPS, CWCAP)
  • Salmon Release – Spring (SPU, SIS, SPS, CWCAP)
  • Salmon Stewards – Fall (SPU, CWCAP)
  • Salmon Watchers Program – Fall (KC, SPU)
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