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Salmon Imprint Stewards enjoy an afternoon at Dunn Gardens

Dunn Gardens is a dreamland of landscaping achievements, plantings, and history.  And this year, CWCAP’s Salmon Imprint Stewards had this fabulous oasis to roam during our annual Appreciation Party on Saturday, June 2, 2018!

The discussion of business of the Salmon Imprinting Season was brief and the rest of the time was devoted to basking in the sunshine, gifting of gab, and enjoying Elizabeth’s telling of the history of Dunn Gardens’ more than 100 year history.  Elizabeth Conlin is a trained docent at Dunn Garden’s and not only knows her historical facts, but also has knowledge of the many thousands of plants and landscaping features around the garden grounds.

CWCAP heartily thanks Dunn Gardens and Carolyn Cox for a wonderful afternoon enjoying the events facility, magical surroundings, and delightful historical context in the Broadview neighborhood.  Please visit their inspiring website at for a surprising look at this Broadview treasure.

CWCAP also thanks Starbucks in Shoreline and Pagliacci in North City for their generous contributions to CWCAP’s Salmon Imprint Steward Appreciation Party.

2018 Salmon Imprinting Season Summary at Carkeek Park, Venema Creek

Each spring, 4 batches of Chum salmon are delivered to the Imprint Pond at Carkeek Park to be imprinted by CWCAP Salmon Imprint Stewards.  21 lead Imprint Stewards and 13 regular Imprint Stewards, care for, feed, and oversee the Imprinting System from January to May.  With fish provided by the Suquamish Tribe’s Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery, CWCAP releases nearly 100,000 imprinted salmon fry into Venema Creek.  Imprinting will give these fish the best chance at returning to their home waters in the Pipers and Venema Creeks in 3 to 5 years to spawn.  Below is a table that summarizes CWCAP‘s imprinting activities for 2018.

For more information, visit the Salmon Imprinting page.