Aquatic Invertebrates

CWCAP is an Earthkeeper

For more information, visit: Every summer, Seattle Parks and the Associated Recreation Council (ARC) host summer camp at Carkeek Park fittingly named Carkeek Earthkeepers Day Camp.  CWCAP is tapped in to provide local salmon, forest, watershed, and water quality education.  This Summer 2018 (among much else going on in this exciting day camp!), CWCAP will […]

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Day Campers Identify Aquatic Invertebrates

EarthKeepers Day Campers Learn to Collect and Identify Aquatic Invertebrates Day campers gathered at the Imprint Pond with CWCAP volunteers to sample Venema and Mohlendorph Creeks for aquatic macro-invertebrates. By learning methods to sample, sort, and identify these larval insect forms, worms, and other organisms, day campers gained an understanding of how and why controlled

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