Carkeek Park Salmon Update

Carkeek Park is a special destination. Down the hill from the main entrance is a wide trail (to the right, North). The trail is mid-way on the the Salmon To Sound Trail. Walk up that trail and you’ll find a lot of salmon.

Right now at Carkeek Park, fish are being fed:
In the main fish pond: ~30,500 fish
In the Salmon in the Schools pond: ~4,000 fish
Already released in March 2019: ~60,000 salmon.

Salmon Imprint Stewards are there 3 times a day (morning, mid-day, and evening), 7 days a week. Watch for the “Help Feed Salmon” sign to know there is a Steward available to help feed the salmon.

CWCAP has already released nearly 30,000 salmon fry from the main fish pond and another nearly 30,000 from the Egg Incubation/Self-release Tank.

There are about 35,000 salmon fry at Carkeek Park right now being fed through Saturday, May 11. You can visit with your family and friends to help feed these fish before they are released into Venema Creek.

Salmon in the Schools fish are from 24 different schools. Public and private schools in this program raised fish from eggs in their schools and brought them to Carkeek Park as salmon fry. They will be cared for and released by CWCAP‘s well regarded Salmon Imprint Stewards.


  1. Tamara

    I’ve been watching the salmon almost daily these past couple weeks.
    After reading about salmon in general and in Carkeek in particular I have a question.
    Given the water quality of Pipers Creek, is it expected that any of the eggs laid will actually hatch and the fish survive?
    Of are all the fry released in your program from eggs raised from other sources?

    1. We suspect most of the eggs laid in Piper’s Creek do not survive because of water quality issues and frequent flooding/erosion. We’re not able to tell for sure because we can’t distinguish the salmon born in the creek versus those raised in our imprinting program. Due to urban creek challenges and the higher mortality rate of salmon in the wild we assume most of the returning salmon are from the imprinting program.

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