11-28-2023 Salmon Survey Update

Live salmon numbers appear to be dwindling in the park with only 21 fish spotted on Tuesday. This week could be the last chance to see live salmon in Carkeek this year but you’ll likely see (and SMELL!) plenty of carcasses. There remains a possibility the upcoming rains could bring in more spawning salmon but …

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11-21-2023 Salmon Survey Update

We continue to see large numbers of live salmon in the creeks but the numbers may be starting to flip. Tuesday’s survey saw our highest number of carcasses this year while the live numbers dipped slightly. Salmon should be visible in the park for several more weeks with the best place to spot them being …

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11-14-2023 Salmon Survey Update

We’re approaching what is usually the peak time of the Carkeek Park salmon run. A large number of Chum salmon are currently spawning in Piper’s Creek. Check the interactive map for the best place to spot them. It’s been a solid salmon return so far this year. It doesn’t appear that we’ll reach the abnormally …

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11-07-2023 Salmon Survey Update

The rains have flooded Carkeek with salmon once again. At the Tuesday survey volunteers spotted 154(!) live salmon. Thank you volunteers for braving the storm last Saturday and the storm of salmon today. Now let’s dig into the numbers. Survey_Date live_chum_count dead_chum_count live_coho_count dead_coho_count live_cutthroat_count 2023-10-17 0 0 0 2 0 2023-10-18 0 0 1 …

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The 2023 Salmon Run Begins

Two live Coho salmon were spotted on Tuesday 10/17/23 marking the beginning of the 2023 Carkeek Park salmon run. It will likely be several more weeks before salmon are easily visible from the observation points.

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