11-10-2021 Salmon Survey Update

The fall 2021 Carkeek Park salmon run is in full swing! Strong rains have helped hundreds of chum salmon make their way up Piper’s Creek where they are currently spawning. The season total for 2021 has already exceeded last year’s total with several weeks left to go.

Where EXACTLY are the salmon spawning?

Use the interactive map to explore areas of high density. Filter the map by type using the legend. Data was gathered using GPS.

What is a redd anyway?

A redd is an area where a female salmon has dug a nest in which to lay her eggs. Once the female lays the eggs and a male has fertilized them the female will cover the eggs up with gravel for protection.

We have yet to reach the peak of the 2021 salmon run at Carkeek. The number of dead salmon being found is still relatively low.

Returns this year already greatly exceed surveys of the last two years. As shown by the graph we usually see the peak of the run around November 20th.

Survey Totals

Note: Total live salmon includes Sea-Run Cutthroat and Unknowns – entries where surveyors were unable to determine the species. Remnants are included in dead counts.
Survey Date Total Live Salmon Live Chum Dead Chum Live Coho Dead Coho Live Cutthroat Dead Cutthroat Redds
2021-10-23 8 6 0 1 0 0 0 0
2021-10-26 33 27 0 4 3 1 0 3
2021-10-30 56 44 9 1 5 0 0 2
2021-11-02 95 91 12 1 4 1 0 14
2021-11-10 471 471 44 0 10 1 0 34

The vast majority of salmon returning have been Chum salmon. This is typical of Piper’s Creek and many of the returning salmon likely came from the imprinting program.

Yearly Totals

Note: Yearly total is the survey date where (day’s live + dead up to date) is max
Salmon Chum Coho Based on survey
559 536 22 2021-11-10

A huge thank you to all salmon survey volunteers for gathering this data!

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